Reiki and My Personal Superpower

One of my special talents, personal superpowers, is that I can easily read someone’s energy. Just by looking at them, I can sense where they are at emotionally that day, and what they’re about in general. Even if they are smiling and trying to be happy, I can sense whether they are truly joyous or troubled or genuinely kind or relatively untrustworthy. This perception became uber-heightened when my sister, Mollie and I became Reiki Masters, two years ago in 2012, the year she turned 40.

We had been interested for a few years previous in energy work, and in healing and let’s be honest, in escaping for a few best-friend sister weekends in the stunning Berkshires by ourselves without the kids. It was a journey that would allow us to explore something meaningful together. Mollie was interested in learning how to better ground herself amid the chaos of being a public school art teacher in Harlem, and I was interested in whether this healing art would be the magic bullet that relieved the rheumatoid arthritis stiffness and pain in my hands, feet and shoulders. At this point, I was seven years into my healing journey and still suffering daily.

Megan McNealy and Mollie

My sister, Mollie, and I at our 2013 getaway in the Berkshires

“What is Reiki”?

People, even our closest friends, don’t know. It is pronounced “ray-key” and at first, we had to Google it too. Founded more than 100 years ago by Mikao Usui, Reiki is a gentle Japanese healing art, as well as a beautiful spiritual practice. We were attuned in how to tap into universal life force energy, and how to get that concentrated healing energy coming out through our hands. I have taken lots of personal growth workshops where I can barely remember the take-aways, but we remember everything about Reiki. Maybe because it’s such a simple concept but so empowering. We do Reiki on ourselves daily. I lay in bed in the morning before I get up and at night before I go to bed, and put my hands on my heart, with the intention of bringing that pure, healing energy to myself. I always feel better—it centers and grounds me. I can feel the energy coming out of my hands, a subtle tingle. It feels like love.

Even if you aren’t a Reiki Master, you can mimic this practice, which is really one of self-care and direct intention. Place your hands on your heart, or chest, or wherever you feel your body could use a little healing. Imagine white, beautiful light coming through your hands, bathing that area with healing power, well-being. It works.

Because Reiki involves placing one’s hands on yourself or a someone you are working on, I have a much deeper awareness and sensitivity about my own energy, and the energy of others. We are ALL energy. I no longer need to touch a person to feel what they are all about. It all just comes to me, their whole vibe.

Even though Mollie no longer works in Harlem and I no longer have any pain in my body, we are both still really into Reiki. It’s our sisterly pact…to pay loving attention to ourselves, even if just for an early morning moment before the kids come running in.

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  1. I am writing you for my 19 yr old son. He gaeduatrd this past June and it spiraling into depression. Life coach may be the answer or at least helpful for him.. Thank you!Teresa


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