What if EVERYTHING is potentially healing?

What if EVERYTHING is potentially healing?

I am convinced that the nature of everything I experience reflects the LOVE (or lack of love) I have for myself. When I am in my true essence, the beauty of the world unfolds before me like a magic carpet. You know those moments, when it’s a good day, the universe is up underneath you, when you appreciate the blooming spring flowers along the highway, the breeze feels just right, and your sister calls right after you think about her.

I deeply believe that in this vibration, everything is love, and because of that, everything is healing. With your amazing mood, your high vibration, you are calling similar energy to you like a magnet, and everything lifts you.

Interestingly, the opposite drags you down—a negative vibration, bad mood, and lack of gratitude. It’s damaging. It ruins healing. Let me give an example of such a funk and my funk-turnaround.

Two weeks ago, on a chilly Tuesday May morning, I was at a standstill in Bay Bridge traffic into San Francisco, on my way for a check-up bloodtest, which I get every three months. My auto-immune diseases are in “full remission”(I personally call it “healed”), but instead of feeling grateful in that moment, I was feeling nervous, fearful (what if they come back someday?), annoyed (I was missing the morning of work and why did this all happen to me anyway?) and generally blah (where’s the sun?). A burst of negative energy. You’ve been there, right? A car cut in front of me, and lo and behold, no thanking hand-wave (What’s wrong with people?).

This energy is damaging. It ruins healing. When this happens, like a person who suddenly realizes she’s in a dangerous riptide, I start swimming sideways to save myself. Gratitude is the best life preserver.

Waiting for the Fastrak lane to move, I put on some peaceful Sanskrit chanting music (my fav, Jai Uttal), said a prayer of gratitude for my healing (I mean, let’s be serious about that gift), and suddenly noticed the beautiful new, healthy-looking palm trees they planted on the East side of the span. I thought about my girls smiling. The traffic improved and by the time I got into UCSF Medical Center, I was humming love, feeling awesome. Yes, genuine gratitude can shift you just like that.

Back in one’s true essence of love and gratitude, everything is healing. Even day-to-day people can have a profoundly positive effect. When I walked into UCSF Medical Center, my blood department technician buddies cheered, “She’s here! My gosh, you look great! We never see you anymore! Wow!” I got Arthur, one of my favorites, who, while he took my blood sample, told me about his flat tire, recalled my “ordeal” three years ago when I was coming weekly for bloodwork, and expressed how happy he was for my healing. What I realized then and there was that even these technicians were healing. They mattered. Back then, during that difficult, scary time in my life, and right now, in this moment. Their funny little stories and smiles helped lift my spirits more than I ever realized.

Aside from people, I also think that your personal belongings can be deeply healing. A dear client recently told me about a life-transforming little book- Marie Kondo’s current bestseller, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.” As a Reiki Master, I treasure the energy of my home, with its vibe of order, meaning and love. What I adored about this book was the author’s suggestion of taking each item in your house into your hands, and asking yourself, “Does this spark joy?” and if it does, keep it, and if it doesn’t, dispose of it. Simple as that. The idea is that by the end of your tidying, you would be left only with things that you deeply loved.

This little book sparked a tidying frenzy in me, and I donated 200 books (some haven’t been read in 25 years) and two carloads of rarely worn clothes (someone is going to love them). I am seriously overjoyed when I look at my newly organized bookshelf, with beautiful little stacks of books that deeply move me. My closet has only the gorgeous, well-fitting clothes that really express who I truly am. I believe that even our things are healing.

What else is potentially healing? If you are in the right vibration, EVERYTHING! Why not take advantage of it? When I am in the glow of my great life, I am lifted by the rainbow of sharpened art pencils in the basket on my girls’ art table, the neatly shaped Meyer lemon tree outside, and that perfectly round rock I found in Big Sur. I love it when my dry cleaning store owner gives a little thank you bow when I hand him my credit card, when hummingbirds come to our feeders, and when I sway in the backyard hammock. I enjoy the vanilla candles flickering while I share an intimate dinner, and I appreciate the clean and clear window I am looking through while I write this. It all brings me joy.

The trick is to take full advantage, every day, of the healing energy that is magic carpeting out in front of us. Let’s wake up. Noticing the beautiful moments with conscious people, and finding joy in our surroundings will set us more than on our way. Breathe it all in. Let it heal you.

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  1. Megan, I really like your website and the messages you are getting out there. I am continually trying to fine tune my life with more balance, wellness, and the “pursuit of homeostasis”, perhaps one day we can talk. Your website is loaded with wonder and gratitude . .keep up the good work! Frank


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