Megan’s Well-Being Blend

My Well-Being Blend™ –my masterpiece mix of BODY, MIND and SPIRIT practices– has taken over twelve years for me to develop! I feel like I have tried everything out there (you name it!) along my healing path, but these are the tried and true methods that helped me heal myself.

Each of us has a unique and optimal Well-Being Blend™ that can be custom-tailored to our specific body and situation. It starts with 6 major universal “categories” in Body, 6 in Mind and 6 in Spirit. Then, the categories must be customized for YOU! I model below how I customized that category for my particular self. Once we figure out what our well-being blend is, (and no two well-being blends are alike because no two people are alike!), these combined practices can unleash our immense personal healing power so that we can live to our highest potential, with optimal performance, perfect health, and happiness. I am excited to see how YOU customize YOUR Well-Being Blend™!

Of course, there is overlap between some of the body/mind/and spirit practices, and many benefit two of the three areas. That’s good! I refer to these overlapping practices as Power Practices. Think of the exponential benefit of any practice that combines all three areas—where the body, mind and spirit all completely engaged, in complete harmony. Do you have a power practice? I noted my Power Practices below with an *.

I will be addressing each of these practices in my blog so check frequently for much more detail!


•Healthy, Plant-Centric Diet:

  • Green Veggies: I blend spinach, avocado, cucumbers, lime, and hemp seeds every morning for breakfast. I eat kale, spinach and chard and even snack on dried, organic seaweed. Go green!
  • No Dairy, Gluten or Sugar: I am the most serious about the first two. Both are common inflammatory culprits. Quite a lot of research has linked sugar with cancer, so I avoid that.
  • Protein: Almost never eat meat, some seafood (salmon) 2-3 times a month, but for the most part, I eat tofu, quinoa, egg whites, nuts, and organic beans. I was completely vegan for several years, and loved it at many levels, but this works better for my particular body.
  • Vitamins/Supplements: The most important for me are Vitamin D, Vitamin C and Iron, minerals, a probiotic and supplements that reduce inflammation. I recommend a doctor/licensed dietician/ Alternative M.D. give you advice on this- I found this part of my blend very complex.
  • Prescription Drugs: I wanted to avoid medications and went against my traditional doctor’s wishes for 3 of 9 years, trying everything but…and eventually was convinced that my body needed the medications to help lower the critically dangerous levels of inflammation. My amazing doctors and the right blend helped reboot my body. I no longer take any immune-suppressing drugs.

•Adequate Sleep:

  • 9 hours of sleep nightly –yes, you read that right. I try to be in bed by 9:00 or 9:30pm and up by 6:30am.

•Enlivening Exercise:

  • Jogging /Walking: I run as slow as a turtle but I love it and the sweating is a fabulous detox strategy.
  • Kung Fu: I just got my yellow belt and like the combo of cardio, stretching and power.

•Light Sun:

  • 10-15 min of direct sun 4-5 times weekly with no sunscreen – my body sings in the sun. I can practically feel the rays enlivening my cells.


  • Lots of water (about 7 big glasses a day) and green tea (3-4 cups a day).
  • Almost no alcohol, no caffeinated coffee, no diet drinks. OK, sometimes I cheat and have a tall Pike at Starbucks.


  • Deep tissue massage, weekly, to reduce tension, total heaven. I go to an amazing Thai massage place, and a Chinese reflexology place.


  • (Or since I frequently do it in bed, “Beditation” ☺) Daily, 20 min at night and 20 min in morning. I focus on my breathing and try to clear my mind. If a thought comes, I focus on my breathing again. I am aiming for simple here.
  • *Chanting: Sanskrit chanting daily- this is singing a mantra (like “om namah shivaya”), or spiritual saying, repeatedly. I like chanting to music in my car. This intention-fused practice focuses my mind away from my habit of daily worry and surrounds me with beautiful healing energy. Check out singer Jai Uttal on iTunes. I consider this “active meditation.”

•Dealing with your “Baggage”:

  • I did psychotherapy for several years to heal past traumas and found it helpful.
  • I meet with spiritual coaches who guide me toward my best self. I have found it all very healing.
  • I journal daily to see what things/triggers are coming up for me. I welcome it all with my awareness.

•Aligned Values and Actions:

  • My two highest values are LOVE and TRUTH, always- making sure my life and how I act in the world is in sync. Am I acting with love? Am I living my deepest truth?

•Speaking Your Truth:

  • Speaking my truth: honest self-expression, softened with the quality of grace.

•Your Focus:

  • “Reframing” my view of things, ex: acceptance- seeing my illnesses as a gift, a catalyst to change.
  • Concentrating on my healing loop instead of my illness loop—My illness loop was “pain-despair-stress”, which lead to more pain. My healing loop is “feeling goodfeeling gratefulforgetting about the illness”, which leads to feeling good again.

•Positive Attitude:

  • I have an outrageously positive attitude. Life is happening FOR me, not TO me. I have attracted everything that is happening in my experience, and every experience can be used for my greater good, and the greater good of others.

•Intuition Development:

  • I am constantly developing my inner knowing, trusting that voice inside of me (books, workshops, classes, coaches). This helps me understand myself, and make decisions in alignment with my highest calling. It also helps me “read” others and situations.

•Your Spirit-Lifting Hobbies:

  • *Writing is one of my greatest joys. I write every day in my journal. It helps me see what I truly think and I can get any negative feelings out of my body. Here, I can also amplify my gratitude by writing what I am thankful for.
  • Reiki: I am a Reiki Master, which is the highest rank of this Japanese healing art. Reiki channels energy through your hands to restore one’s well-being, and this is a loving way to pay attention to yourself. I also offer it to my friends.
  • Music: In the car, in the house, my favorite songs lift my soul and can bring me to a place of utter joy—which is super healing. I even have a “healing playlist” on my iPhone.
  • Art: I find joy and inspiration in color, texture, and discovering new art to admire and collect. My home is filled with vibrant, original art.
  • Dance: I do ecstatic dance via a practice called SoulMotion™ and love the freedom to dance my own dance in the midst of a conscious group. I also just dance in my kitchen spontaneously.

•Personal Growth:

  • Workshops: My favorite places for spiritual learning are at Esalen (Big Sur, CA) Spirit Rock Meditation Center (Woodacre, CA) and Kripalu (Lenox, MA). I can point to several incredible workshops that changed my life.
  • Books: I have a long list of favorite personal growth books that have changed my perspective, brought me to greater heights. And, my own book, which has by far been the most powerfully healing book for me, is coming out soon!

•Connection to a Higher Power:

  • Prayer: I pray for continued healing every night before I go to bed and set an intention for healing while I sleep.
  • Altars: I have created mini-altars around my home for different intentions…to invite more love, to offer gratitude for my daughters and my life partner, to welcome any additional healing needed.


  • Consciously expressing my vibrant self through clothing, style, color, the interior of my house and my garden, my writing, public speaking.


  • *Tantra: A spiritual practice that combines self-realization, pure presence and a high-level connection to another.

*Power Practices