About Megan

Megan McNealy is a professional
speaker, writer, and well-being aficionado.

Megan McNealy is an Ivy League educated, 19-year Wall St. Wealth Advisor, writer, passionate public speaker, mindful mom, and well-being aficionado. Her life experiences have made her uniquely empowered to deliver the message that, “There is much you can do to heal yourself. There is much you can do to stay well.”

In her 20s, when she was diagnosed with high blood pressure, she considered it a “bummer” and chalked it up to heredity.  

In her mid 30s, when she was diagnosed with the auto-immune disease Rheumatoid Arthritis, a disease where the body mistakenly attacks itself (in this case, the joints), she considered it a “major wake-up call,” and launched what would become a hero’s quest to turn around her health.  

In her 40s, when she was sideswiped with a second auto-immune disease, FSGS (chronic kidney disease), she considered it a “downright emergency,” realized she had even MORE work to do.

When she learned she had early stage kidney cancer, she stepped into an full-out commitment to heal herself, to love herself, and to save her own life. Her success in doing so further inspired what she considers her life’s work- to help others regain their vibrant well-being. 

A natural lifelong athlete, runner and tennis star, Megan could hardly believe how her body reacted in those early diagnosis days. In her worst moments, she could not use her hands, even to pick up her children or to hold a pen, could not walk without limping, she could not rise from the floor without help, could not sleep more than 3 hours without being woken with the pain, and faced weekly blood tests to monitor her unstable kidneys.

Megan felt it was equally important to not only diminish her debilitating symptoms but also to uncover the root causes. What could possibly be causing this?  Stress?  Relationships? Emotions? Heredity?  Past traumas?  Diet?  Karma? She gathered her courage, motivation and resourcefulness—the qualities that brought her so much professional success–and she began cleansing, clearing, and exploring all aspects of her Body, Mind, and Spirit.  She realized that nothing else could have gotten her attention more effectively, or been a bigger catalyst for life change.

Megan no longer suffers from ANY of these diseases. It took nine years of struggling before her Rheumatoid Arthritis disappeared, and two years for the chronic kidney disease to slip into remission. It took only one month for the cancer to vanish. In the process, she became an expert at healing.

For the past twelve years, in partnership with traditional doctors, alternative medicine practitioners, dieticians, self-help books, personal growth workshops, body workers, healers, spiritual advisors, hours of reflection, and most of all her inner knowing, Megan completely revived her health and life.

On the other side of the intense pain and healing struggle was, surprisingly, greater peace, self-acceptance and joy than she ever knew possible.  Also, her wealth management business has thrived—from the point of her greatest health suffering (in 2010) to now, she has more than tripled her yearly income. She never would have believed that she would someday view her illnesses as one of her greatest life’s gifts.

With over 80 types of autoimmune disorders affecting an estimated 50 million Americans (AARDA American Autoimmune Related Diseases Assn, 2016), with 1,685,210 new cancer cases expected to be diagnosed in the US in 2016 (American Cancer Society) and with high blood pressure affecting 1 in 3 adults, or another 70 million Americans (Center for Disease Control, 2016), Megan is highly aware of our collective health crisis, and notices an increasing number of diagnosed and suffering people in the corporate workforce. By relaying her message, Megan hopes to effect a profound change on the way we view health and stress in our places of business.

Megan believes that each of us has a unique and an optimal Well-Being Blend™ of practices and strategies that keeps our BODY, MIND and SPIRIT in perfect flow.  She is passionate about spreading this message to executives rebooting their health, to entrepreneurs looking to enhance their wellness, and to those looking to perform at their highest potential. She inspires people to create a conscious commitment to themselves, and teaches them how to seize their immense personal power.

Megan can be found speaking to corporate audiences and interested groups up and down the California coast, and nationwide. She also reaches and inspires followers through her blog and social media platforms. She is working on her first book.

Megan celebrates every single day, as she vigilantly continues to pursue wellness.  She lives pain-free, symptom-free, and vibrantly with her daughters in Northern California.