I’m Megan McNealy, a successful corporate businesswoman, passionate public speaker, truth-telling writer, mindful mom, and well-being consultant.

During my 20-year career as an award-winning wealth advisor, stress and imbalance crushed my health. In response, I created a revolutionary new framework for well-being, the Well-Being Wheel©, that completely revived my health and life. With my customized plan, I began to thrive personally and professionally. Well-Being Drives Success in every area of one’s life.

Inspired, I have interviewed dozens of other senior leaders who also are driving performance at work from a core center of well-being. My goal is to help YOU customize your own, perfect Well-Being Wheel©, so that you may live to your fullest potential.


Are you ready to achieve Optimal Performance?
Vibrant Well-Being?
Passion and Joy?
I’ll show you how!